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The best of Parma in 48 hours
A tour through history, traditions, looking for pleasures of the palate. Discover the squares and the roads of the quiet city center full not only of palaces, churches and monuments, but also of friendly and smiling people. Walk slowly, enjoy the hidden corners of the Italian Capital of Culture 2020…and more… Discover more
Discovering an enchanting arts and music tour between Parma and Piacenza Discover more
Discover the wonderful historical heritage of Parma Low Lands, a land of music, princely castles and medieval villages Discover more
Shopping is a serious business! Discover the best in fashon and lifestyle in the boutiques of Fidenza Village Chic Outlet Shopping® and the traditional and authentic produce of Parma. Discover more
Parma celebrates Maria Luigia the Duchess : Empress of the French and Queen of Italy
On April 19, 1816 Her Majesty the Princess and Archduchess Maria Luigia of Austria, Duchess of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla enters the territory of the duchy. It was an unstable time in the morning, but at her arrival, "here the clouds disappear gradually without wind whistling, laughing at beautiful serene… Discover more
Cinque Terre in the Italian Riviera and Parma the UNESCO gastronomy city
Live La Dolce Vita in the picturesque Cinque Terre along the Italian Riviera and discover Parma, the only Italian UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy with its world-known food products. Discover more
Weekend in Parma: Days full of experiences
A small, refined city, once capital of an important Duchy: art, culture, relax and good food blend together in just two days between Parma and its province Discover more
UNESCO sites along the Via Emilia
A journey to discover cities of great historical tradition, worldwide famous for their art wonders and food&wine excellences. At the center you find Parma, “la petite capitale”, with its fascinating town centre, then Modena city of Ferrari and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and Bologna with its porticoes and… Discover more
The Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza
Echoes of the Duchy’s passed grandeur: travelling through Parma province between fortresses and castles, symbols of courtly art. Learn about intriguing details and discover the typical flavors of the territory. Discover more
The best Italian Gardens in Emilia Romagna
A refined journey through the most beautiful gardens in Emilia Romagna. A new way to experience the magic of Verdi’s Land and music and to discover important art and food masterpieces Discover more
Festival Verdi or Opera season - Parma and its surroundings: music, flavors and much more
Parma, Cremona, Modena: unique lands as to music, art and food traditions. And where wellness and the passion for motors are culture too Discover more
Verdi, Stradivari and Monteverdi, land of maestri and much more
Parma, Cremona, Piacenza: an ideal triangle that has profoundly marked the history of Italian opera and classical music, thanks to the great maestros Giuseppe Verdi, Antonio Stradivari and Claudio Monteverdi. This tour leads to discover their roots and retrace their lives along an extraordinary strip of Italy… Discover more

Art and Culture tours


Parma offers unexpected and unique art treasures which will pleasantly surprise you.  Already an important centre in Medieval times and for the history of Romanesque Art, the city was the capital of a small Duchy from 1550 until 1859.  Bearing witness to this historical past is Piazza Duomo with the Baptistery, the Cathedral and the nearby church of St John the Evangelist with their masterpieces by Antelami, Correggio and Parmigianino.  No less significant is the Pilotta Palace with its extraordinary wooden Farnese Theatre and the National Gallery, not  forgetting the Ducal park and the Regio Theatre.

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