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Parma for events

The Ducal city is an ideal location for meetings, congresses, incentives and events.  Parma brings a youthful spirit to its traditional soul and here the excellent qualities of the territory together with the most modern technologies result in a perfect functional mix for the world of MICE.

Why Parma?

Parma is a multi-faceted city.  With its glorious past as capital of a Duchy, its inheritance of impressive architecture, sculpture and art masterpieces as well as its historical parks, Parma is first and foremost synonymous with culture. It is also a city of great musical tradition: here two giants of the musical history of the world, Giuseppe Verdi and Arturo Toscanini, were born, lived and came to prominence.  Parma is also a city of unique flavours with it typical products and speciality gastronomy, from Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to Parma Ham without neglecting Culatello from Zibello.  Neither must we forget the wholly Emilian passion for motor cars, engines and speed.

Its strategic position

The territory of Parma is an ideal location for your event.  The city is near to both Milan (120 km away) and Bologna (90km away); it has an international airport and a high number of beds available.  Between hotels and other solutions there are about 7,000 rooms available throughout the province; 3,350 are in 3,4 and 5 star hotels: 170 rooms in 5 star hotels, 1,128 in 4 star hotels and 538 in 3 star hotels. The hotels are modern with fully equipped meeting spaces and are all within easy reach of the motorway, the train station and the airport. Many of the hotels are within walking distance of the historical town centre and the principal city congress centres and are all situated near each other which, naturally, significantly reduces transfer times

Why Parma Incoming?

With its highly professional team, Parma Incoming DMC has offered a precious service of consultancy for the last 15 years:  in particular, Parma Incoming deals with planning and organizing incentive trips, conventions, congresses and manifestations of a musical, sporting or wine and food nature. Guaranteeing a constant standard of excellence and with great attention to detail, Parma Incoming DMC takes care of strategies and manages all  services from the logistics of relations with suppliers and technical partners to  leisure and tourist activities.  In this way every single event becomes unique and unforgettable.

Exclusive products

For those who would like to organize an event in Parma, the offer of Parma Incoming DMC is extremely variegated.  The one thread is that of exclusivity. Take, for example, the Musicaparma programme for companies which involves organizing private concerts or shows in the most prestigious theatres of Parma or in the Verdi homelands.  This programme can also include shortened versions of operas or musical dinners in places associated with Maestro Verdi, in abbeys or other prestigious historical locations.  Parma Incoming DMC also has a series of unique proposals for activities of team building through both music and food (“Culinary Team Building in a Culatello Cellar”and team building in collaboration with ALMA, the most significant Italian Cooking School in the world).  Another theme could be historical with team building in the presence of Giuseppe Verdi, Don Camillo or Peppone. Further, there are unmissable and innovative activities of team building in the ambit of ‘green’ exercises, creative, active and expressive which bring the work group together and give new opportunities for growth to every participant within the workplace.

Exclusive locations

For those who wish to organize an event in Parma, Parma Incoming DMC can offer prestigious congress centres: from the Palacassa to the international Trade Fair seat (up to 6,000 places), from the Congress Centre of the local municipality (1,200 places) to the Paganini concert hall designed by Renzo Piano (780 places).  Parma Incoming DMC also has celebrated historical buildings available such as, for example, the Castle of Felino (up to 300 places) or the Regio Theatre with its smaller auditorium, the Ridotto (1,200 + 200 places).  Further possibilities are the Circolo di Lettura or Literary Club with its 300 places or the Teatro Verdi in Busseto with 250 places.


  • National Assembly ANCI - 1.500 prs


  • National Assembly Margherita party - 2.500 prs


  • Parmigianino art exhibition
  • Minerva meeting - 600 prs


  • Assolatte Meeting  450 prs
  • Analitic Chemistry Meeting - 600 prs
  • Cibus Fair


  • Alpin military Parade - 300.000 prs
  • Industrial Medicine  Meeting - 1.200 prs
  • BCC corporate convention - 2.500 prs


  • Magnani Rocca Foundationexposition
  • ATRIP  Meeting - 500 prs
  • Cibus Fair


  • Coca Cola meeting - 1.000 prs
  • IBM corporate convention - 800 prs
  • EHC meeting - 500 prs
  • Arquebusiers meeting 600 prs
  • Teatro Regio Tour Operator Partner for Festival Verdi 2007


  • ANEP  congress  -  350  prs
  • Teatro Regio Tour Operator Partner for Festival Verdi 2008
  • Correggio art exhibition
  • Prefetti Congress - 500 prs
  • Cibus Fair


  • Bersaglieri military Parade -  8.000 prs
  • Teatro Regio Tour Operator Partner for Festival Verdi  2009
  • “Alleanza per l’Italia” party National Assembly - 1.000 prs


  • Fifth European Conference on Environment and Health - 700 prs
  • 64 SIAARTI Congress - 4.500 prs
  • 19th World Convention of Italian
  • Chambers of Commerce Conference - 350 prs
  • Teatro Regio Tour Operator Partner for Festival Verdi 2010
  • Cibus Fair


  • Le Generali Assicurazioni corporate convention - 1200  prs
  • SUMMILK-World Dairy Summit  - 1000 prs
  • SIMEL/SIBIOC National Congress - 1200 prs
  • Teatro Regio Tour Operator Partner for Festival Verdi 2011


  • Assiom Forex Bank Congress – 1.000 prs
  • XXIII Rugby Competition – 600 prs
  • Teatro Regio Tour Operator Partner for Festival Verdi 2012


  • Jumping Parma Competition – 200 prs
  • Teatro Regio Tour Operator Partner for Festival Verdi 2013


  • F.A.I. National Assembly – 250 prs
  • Jumping Parma Competition – 200 prs
  • Teatro Regio Tour Operator Partner for Festival Verdi 2014


  • 70th Anniversary Ascom Parma Confcommercio – 250 prs
  • Teatro Regio Tour Operator Partner for Festival Verdi 2015


  • IV Assocamp Convention - 200 prs
  • Teatro Regio Tour Operator Partner for Festival Verdi 2016
  • VII Italian Championship 3D Outdoor FIARC
  • IV International tournment 3D Indoor FIARC


  • EAAE Congress – 1000 prs
  • Teatro Regio Tour Operator Partner for Festival Verdi 2017


  • XXXVII Assembly of Italian Enogastronomic Association FICE  – 200 prs
  • Teatro Regio Tour Operator Partner for Festival Verdi 2018

Tailor-made events with Parma Incoming DMC