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Parma gourmet and e-bike tour
A whole weekend in full relax to enrich your own food and wine background and spend your time absorbed in one of the most picturesque Italian places, tasting the local products of our traditions, appreciated in the whole world. An experience in search of aromas, colours and flavours. Discover more
Slow Food Tour in Parma: whatever the season there's always a product
Following the seasonality of the products is now a must to savor all the aromas and flavors of PDO and PGI products. In every season you can deepen and enjoy a different product by catching the organoleptic properties with all your senses. If life runs fast, travel SLOW! Discover more
Parma and Alba, Unesco food cities
A deep inside experience to seize the essence of the two regions that offer the very best of italian food&wine Discover more
Looking for Porcino Mushroom PGI
Autumn time near Borgotaro is full of events, typical products, traditions, culture and nature. Look for the Porcino Mushroom accompanied by a professional guide! Discover more
Flavors of Parma Lowlands
Parma lowlands is the cradle of Culatello di Zibello, of Strolghino, gardener sauces, traditional sauces, “spongata” and where Mastro Giuseppe Verdi lived. A little world where even just a Culatello’s piece will make you taste the flavors of a land full of music and colors. Discover more
Along the Via Emilia food tour: flavors, scents and colours
Rich flavors, persistent scents and intense colors will accompany you in this greedy food tour to discover all Emilia Romagna’s excellences from Ravenna to Piacenza lingering where products become PDO and PGI Discover more
Gourmet tour: The roads of wines and flavors
Looking for the Land of Cockaigne? Parma is the place. Travel on the roads of wines and flavors discovering the Food Valley’s scents and flavors. You will be immersed in an enchanting landscape, rich in historic symbols and culture Discover more
In just 2 days … become a baker, sommelier and pastry cook!
Learn the baker’s patience, sommelier’s charm and the art of a pastry chef in these two day tour while discovering the authentic Emilia, where quality is a way of life Discover more
Food tour: naturally Emilia
Parma hills will accompany you in this all natural weekend: with bio products produced with zero food miles, bees, donkeys, woods, colors, cooking courses and educational activities for child too, you will discover the genuineness of earth products Discover more
Emilian PDO and BIO products food tour
Live the BIO in Emilia discovering the numerous PDO products that make this region famous all over the world, rich in flavors, scents and traditions. Live Emilia as it once was… Discover more
The Masone Labyrinth: art, flavours, music, nature
A travel in Verdi Homelands discovering the places and flavors sources of inspiration for the Maestro Giuseppe Verdi and the world’s biggest bamboo labyrinth of Franco Maria Ricci in Fontanellato, just outside Parma. A musical and cultural journey, marked by the unmistakable scents and flavors of Culatello di… Discover more
Emilian wines… flavors and bouquets which will surprise you
The brilliant colors of Rosso dell’Emilia, the generous spumes of Lambrusco, the fruity notes of Chardonnay will inebriate you with the flavors and smells of an authentic land that knows how to make a simple wine a great wine Discover more
Fashion, flavors and motors on the Via Emilia
Discovering Parma’s wonders, following the unique scents and flavors of Parmigiano Reggiano and Culatello di Zibello ham. A relaxed food tour towards Modena, cradle of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, with dream moments devoted to prestigious brand shopping and to the “Red Car” Ferrari in Maranello. Discover more
Cinque Terre in the Italian Riviera and Parma the UNESCO gastronomy city
Live La Dolce Vita in the picturesque Cinque Terre along the Italian Riviera and discover Parma, the only Italian UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy with its world-known food products. Discover more

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What can one say about a land which has created absolute masterpieces such as Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Parma ham, Culatello from Zibello, not to mention Salame from Felino, cooked shoulder of ham from San Secondo and a whole host of other unforgettable products ?  One thing is certain, the people of this area have always worked incredibly hard, with wholehearted commitment, intelligence and passion.  From the simplest things to the most complex, the aim is to go one step further and improve all the time.  Here the food products demand and require wise husbanding, they are talked about, they become objects of cult as well as works of art.

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