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Food Experience in the Italian Food Valley

We love sharing local authentic flavours with food lovers providing a selection of food and wine tours to sample some of the finest hospitality and accommodation services Parma and Italy has to offer.

Parma in 48 hours - A taste of Italy

Enjoy 48 hours among art, culture, good food and nature! Parma is in the heart of the Food Valley, is the Italian Creative UNESCO City for Gastronomy and the Italian Capital of Culture 2020.

Tailor-made events with Parma Incoming DMC

Parma among hospitality, art and food: when business events turn into sensory experience. For more than twenty years Parma Incoming has been supporting companies in making choices, organising and managing the various steps required for the success of every event, thus becoming an irreplaceable and trustworthy partner. Because knowing a land is not just enough: for bespoken perfection a land needs to be understood, read and interpreted.

Visita Incanto - a theatrical guided tour of the Teatro Verdi in Busseto

Festival Verdi 2018

Find out the operas of the Festival Verdi 2018

Festival Verdi 2017 - Verdi is in the air!

EAAE Congress - Parma, August 2017

Verdi Homelands - Terre Verdiane

Alma School

Casa Natale Giuseppe Verdi

Music Experience Tours

"Sensation" - Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano

Aria di Parma" - Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma

Happy Birthday, Giuseppe Verdi!

Happy Birthday, Giuseppe Verdi!

Parma: il gusto, le emozioni, l'eleganza e l'arte di vivere

What our tourists have to say...

What our tourists have to say...

Verdi, my father - private opera concert at Casa Barezzi Museum organized with MusicaParma

From Monteverdi to Verdi

Prosciutto Production

Festival Verdi 2016 preview

Food Museums

Verdi Opera

Festival Verdi 2015 - Tourist experience

Parma Music city

"Ariadne" an innovative concept for an exclusive music entertainment