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Enchanted by Wagner in Parma: Festival Toscanini 2024
An Immersive Experience of Music, Taste, and Culture Discover more
Winter weekend: come and discover the Winter Jamboree Festival in Parma
Welcome to Parma – Emilia Romagna (Northern Italy), where culinary excellence merges with the magic of the Winter Jamboree Festival, brought to you by the organizers of the renowned international music event, Summer Jamboree in Senigallia! An extraordinary event that transforms the city into a paradise of… Discover more
New Year 2024 in Parma: Music, Gastronomy and More Music!
Operetta and New Year’s Concert at the iconic Teatro Regio and at the stylish Auditorium Paganini to end and start the year in Parma, charming Italian city of art and Unesco Creative City of Gastronomy. Discover more
Sant'Agata, Roncole and Busseto: the three houses of Verdi
Visit “live” and totally safe the places of the costume-drama "La vita di Verdi", famous all over the world, and breath the intact authenticity of these places. Discover more
Verdi and Pavarotti, absolute myths of music
An engaging and charming safe itinerary to discover Verdi and Pavarotti who were great men even before great artists. Worldwide recognized and appreciated as absolute myths of music, they were both born in Emilia, this peaceful and fertile plain land; they were of humble origins and with a lot of study and… Discover more
Verdi Homelands tour
Let your local expert guide you in a completely safe journey, discovering the places, atmospheres, scents and flavors that inspired the Maestro for his memorable compositions. A travel in Verdi’s Homeland between music and food excellences. Discover more

Opera and Music tours


Parma is the musical city par excellence: a city in a land of deep running yet sophisticated  passions which saw the birth of Giuseppe Verdi and Arturo Toscanini, Renata Tebaldi and Carlo Bergonzi. It is the passion for the music of Giuseppe Verdi which has created a strong and deeply felt musical tradition in the people of Parma no matter what their background.  Here can be found the elegant Teatro Regio, the magnificent wooden Teatro Farnese, the splendid Niccolò Paganini Concert Hall and the superb Teatro Verdi in Busseto.  Every year the Festival Verdi, the Opera season, the concert season and numerous other events take place in these venues.

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